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TAKING BACK YOUR TOMORROW STARTS TODAY! The basic philosophy of Krav Maga is to protect yourself and others by minimizing damage to the practitioner and surviving any possible violent confrontation while effecting maximum damage to the aggressors if necessary in the shortest space of time. The philosophy is based on the following principles in Krav Maga:

De-escalation Pic


Always be alert while rather de-escalating or avoiding confrontation and dangerous situations. Escaping with your life is more important than winning a fight.

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Reflex Pic
  Natural body reflex movements


Krav-Maga is based on the human body's natural reflexes. The body's already existing survival instincts are turned into effective weapons.

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Simplicity Pic
  Simplicity and integration


Techniques must be easy to learn in a short period of time and effective in application for all ages and abilities or disabilities. Techniques must complement and not contradict each other. Techniques should not be accessible only to athletes. One technique must be applicable against a variety of attacks.

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Disadvantage Pic
  Attack from a position of disadvantage


Defend and attack simultaneously via the shortest, safest, and most effective route to end the conflict in the shortest possible time. Avoid getting hit and survive the first attack. Neutralise the immediate danger.

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Target Areas Pic
  Focus on vulnerable target areas


Attack the aggressor’s ability to attack by targeting vulnerable targets without using strength, while minimising damage to yourself or significant others.

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Stress Drill Pic
  Reality-based-stress-training simulation


Training must include realistic scenarios that will evoke similar stress responses experienced in real life attacks or life-threatening situations.

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Improvision Pic
  Improvise by utilising environmental weapons


The system is designed to teach you to effectively use improvised and ordinary/natural weapons in your immediate environment.

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Reality Pic
  The reality principle


If diplomacy fails, and you are FORCED to fight rules, no rounds, no tapping out, no limits, no hesitation, no holding back.

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Refining Pic
  The refining and adaptation principle


Traditional martial arts tend to be rigid, dogmatic and focused on maintaining traditions handed down from the past masters. Krav Maga is a constantly developing and adapting "dynamic real-life defensive tactics system" to keep up with new threats to our safety.

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Not Krav Maga


.. about Krav Maga is that we are not a traditional martial art - in fact, we don't use the term "martial arts" at all. Krav Maga is heavy on the "Martial” and not much into the “Art” side. We may not always be so gracious to LOOK at, but WE GET THE JOB DONE.

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