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Kids Krav - Academy
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        TRAINING                                 SCHOOLS
        (weekly classes)


Weekly training opportunities for beginner, intermediate and advance Krav Maga practitioners under the supervision of a competent instructor(s). Our training is geared towards three goals namely mental preparation, physical preparation and skill development for real-life situations. Practitioners of all ages (6 years to the elderly) will be exposed to various components of self-defence:


  • The art of awareness, prevention, de-escalation and escape techniques...

  • Do’s and don’ts during hijackings, attempted kidnappings, home invasions...

  • Attacks with knives, machetes, firearms, and blunt objects...

  • Confrontations with non-armed violent attackers or multiple attackers...

  • Anti-rape, anti-bullying, robberies, hostage situations and much more...


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        WORKSHOPS &                         DEMO'S  


No experience necessary! Workshops are designed for anyone new to self-defence or those looking to brush up their skills.


In a short space of time  (two hours - one day) we will arm you with the skills and knowledge to assist you to survive a sudden and unprovoked violent encounter. Hands on Krav Maga workshops are designed for those who are interested in discovering what Krav Maga has to offer. Our training philosophy is simple and based on the principles of Israeli Krav Maga. No rings, No rules, just stuff that works, regardless of age, size or gender....


We are also available for demonstrations to advocate the simplicity, practicality and effectiveness of Krav Maga to various audiences on request.

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        CORPORATES &


Krav Maga isn’t a martial art, it is a problem-solving system. Krav Maga is the logical application of a few basic principles to identify a problem and find the most appropriate solution in the shortest space of time. The logical approach to problem-solving inherent in Krav Maga adapts itself smoothly to other areas of life. One of the most direct applications is to the work environment. Whether you work for the boss or you are the boss, some of the core principles in Krav Maga offer lessons you can transfer directly from the training to the work environment. E.g.


  • Operating under stress;

  • Identifying dangers;

  • Overcoming obstacles;

  • Self-sufficiency and confidence;

  • Systemic efficiency;

  • Transference of knowledge etc.

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Tailor made Krav Maga training is also available on request. These training programmes can be tailored for various interest groups ranging from law enforcement application, emergency services, teachers, vulnerable individuals to boy-scouts. Your needs can be catered for.

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