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The following testimonials are from Righteous Warrior Krav Maga practitioners in South Africa.


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You might have been in a situation where you felt helpless to protect yourself, your loved ones, your personal property or you would just like to socialise and join like-minded individuals in a fun activity orientated environment. You may even just want to improve your stamina then Krav Maga is for you as much as it has been for me. – Arno Tillwick (32) male.



The Krav Maga experience have told me a lot about myself. It taught me to trust myself and to defend myself. I have grown to love being with my fellow practitioners and I've learned to trust them. Krav Maga made me stronger mentally and physically. It has been three months since I joined and I feel much more confident and stronger. - Monique (20) female.



Krav Maga made me stronger. I enjoy the workout. I'm starting to feel like a warrior. It has also taught me persistence and not to give up. – Jarryd Cruikshank (12) male.




I became a warrior! When I started my first-class I was too scared to drive alone, I had to be fetched. Now I can drive anywhere! I lost 50 kg in two years because of Krav Maga. My self-confidence skyrocketed. I am much more aware of my surroundings. I had petit-mal epilepsy and Krav Maga has even helped me to an extent to lessen my condition. - Deidre (41) female.




Krav Maga has taught me how to look after myself. Krav has shown me that I am a person of value and that I am worth while protecting. It has also helped me to grow closer to my Creator. I constantly learn new things which I can use to defend myself and it keeps me in physical shape. - Marteli (18) female.




Krav Maga has help me to improve my physical strength. We do it as a family, means we spend valuable time together. Krav has helped me out of my comfort zone, as I grew up much protected. I also gained a bit of self-confidence. - Estell (39) female.





Krav Maga makes me feel much more safe and confident. It helps me to develop and get to know myself physically and mentally. It also keeps me fit. – Anja Werner (12) female.




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